More on my road

So, more on my… work… Hi there. I want to tell you a little bit more about my personality and my work. My name is Mihai. I am a photographer and here is my personal gallery. I am fascinated by photography and the way you can use the light to show exactly what you imagine from a photograph. As an young boy I was attracted to the beauty and the art of everything that surrounds us.

I made the first steps in photography when my cousin ask me to help him in a project and fill in his spot for a couple of days. I immediatelly fell in love with the work and the “magic” that it brings to people lives. Starting from that moment I was “hooked” and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Here is a photographer I look up to and consult with his latest projects whenever possible ( I now want to perfect my skills and help everyone in need of a photoshoot.

I am especially interested in meeting fellow peers and hear their suggestions and ideas, as I am interested in growing my knowledge in photography and I will be always open to new techniques. I especially want to get to know people with interesting stories to tell and I will make it my job to capture the best from that for the camera. So, drop a message and let’s get to know each other. Until then, I leave you to watch my previous work. I welcome everyone to visit my site and share my pictures. I am sure I can do my part in growing a bigger photo family and share my experience with future customers in the process. Thank you for visiting.

I love challenges


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Lauren Moi
" A special man who likes what he is doing, with an imagination without limits. Mihai knows how to value beauty and with certainty knows how to keep a natural relation with each person. We thank him very much for his patience and efforts for each event to remain a happy memory to us! L&R "

Dana Jecu
"An exceptional photographer, dedicated throughout the event. The photographs are realized with discretion, without aggression, and managing this way to capture key moments. The photo editing is done professionally, thus keeping them natural. Handling the project is in a short time and without problems. I recommend with confidence!!! "

Madalina Padurariu
" My dear Mihai, you are really a wonderful man... my family relays only good thoughts to you, and from the soul I tell you that you made me feel ME !!! You are a man with a beautiful soul and God will repay you for all the kindness you "spread" around you !!! I thank you once again and I hope we'll get to see each other soon ! I embrace you with all of the heath from this world !!! "